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Links to work online

Vimeo of performance with visual artist George Mason at Belfast Poetry Festival

Vimeo on 20 Maine Poets website

At the Abraham Sutkever Centennial Celebration, Vilnius, reading "In the Capital of a Small Republic"

Irish Times article and Ballymaloe Prize-winning poem, "Letter to Al"

4-Way Review, "Civilization" and "Shelter"

Calendars of Fire Reader's Companion

Cerise Press, from "The voice is the last we forget to remember," "It arrives," "In the Capital of a Small Republic," "Wooden Synagogue"

Collected Poets Series reading (You Tube)

Drunken Boat, "Atonement," "Grievance," "Plunder"

Fishouse Audio Archive

Kenyon Review Online, "Temper as a Porcupine," " Nothing but her velvet self," "His undoing," plus an interview

Rattle, "Berlioz"RHINO 2016, "Tashlich"

Shadowgraph Magazine, "Come June"

Split This Rock Poetry Database, "Man on a Sofa"

Tupelo Quarterly, "Sentient," "Archery"

Walking Backwards Reader's Companion