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A Darker, Sweeter StringA Darker, Sweeter String

If our dreams could edit the news (and sometimes our nightmares) these poems are how they’d wake us up to the urgency of our times.”
—Betsy Sholl, author of Late Psalm

"An important book . . . . one of the best books of the year."
John Deming, editor, Coldfront Magazine

" In these poems of the moral imagination, Lee Sharkey explores the disfigured psychic landscape of cruelty, violence, and war. Her lyric poems travel a geography that draws its imagery from Israel/Palestine, Somalia, the Balkans, Iraq, and small town USA, as well as from the intimate domains of sickness and birth. Sharkey responds to our endangered post-9/11 world with courage and clear-eyed tenderness. In a political climate that threatens sanity, she has composed a music of daring empathy.
—Tam Lin Neville, editor, Off the Grid Press 

More Praise for A Darker, Sweeter String

“Sharkey honors the accountability of language by turning her ear to the rhythms of the soul’s survival." 
—Francine Sterle, author of Nude in Winter
"Today the war dead failed to make the headlines / to keep myself human I construct a shrine of words." These taut, truth-telling poems teach us how to 'heft . . . more weight than we can carry,' how to speak the unspeakable, 'the grief that scours the heart.' In their concision, the eloquence of their exactitude, they say only what is needful. Silence is their punctuation. And how restorative their respect, 'how beautiful is the gift of mourning.'"
—Eleanor Wilner, author of The Girl with Bees in Her Hair

"Echoing Carolyn Forché's poetry of witness, the poems in Lee Sharkey’s A Darker, Sweeter String are imbued with a yearning for peace, and while war in its many faces is omnipresent in these beautifully wrought poems, so also is the sense of hope. . . . A Darker, Sweeter String, a collection that embodies the spirit that we can resolve what rends us, is a must read."
—Edythe Haendel Schwartz, Calyx Journal

A Darker, Sweeter String
Off the Grid Press, ISBN-10: 0-9778429-1-6, ISBN-13: 978-09778429-1-9, $15
A Small Press Review pick
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